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Japanese fashion- from Harajuku, Tokyo.

i found a kawaii shop which the layout is too kawaii~


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Deco Chan “Decorative for a change” デコ

“DECO CHAN” is very popular in Japan right now, I went to Japantown today I saw more then 3 books/ magazines that talks about decochan…

What’s Decochan?

The origin of the name of Decochan is abbreviation of “Decorative a change”. It is a thing (maybe is a craft movement? a hobby?) that decorates your every stuff brilliantly and change them dramatically. Mainly decorate your personal stuff with beads or crystal glasses, sometimes with sweet goodies like this.

What’s Decodenist?

Japanese call the professional of decochan a Decodenist . Decodenist has to acquire all kind of knowledge for decochan and first class skill. And only who qualified by the Japan Decodenist Society could be a Decodenist.

buy the parts (デコパーツ) from dreamy-deko, deco-a, deco-ichigo…a lot of them ^-^;: whole list of Decodenist

there is a japanese blog called dolce-deco talks about how they made the deco-things and fashion…etc.

HK ones, here and here.

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sweet lolita accessories!

i have to blog about this! since i am a sweet decora lolita, and i am so excited about the jewelry kit i waiting from japan! it is called スイーツのキーホルダー・アクセサリーをつくろう デラックス , you can get it at toysRus japan.

about スイーツのキーホルダー・アクセサリーをつくろう デラックス

also Amazon has many kit like this so can make a cheaper verison of Ribbon Holic, here is the choco mint store where you can buy Ribbon Holic jewelry

here is a blog about a foreigner, and a Lolita who is living in Japan about Ribbon Holic and the jewelry kit: 夢見る

I also thinking buying this DECOTTI (デコッティ) マカロン for the cream-like accessories

and last here is the showcase of DECOTTI – sweet accessories making kit

Ashlee selling on livejournal using the kit seems like

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decora forums outside of livejournal

decora fashion club

decora world

and many many more in

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decora lolita online store

pink lady city – decora / sweet lolita

sweet lolita

lolita hong kong store custom made

lolita hong kong forum

cat cat forum

cosplay / lolita places

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decora store-my love~ *V*

decora store- sweetie baby

Sweetie Baby Store

地址:Kwun Tong U-MALL 1/F SHOP 26

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