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news on pet diamond

“Our beloved pets… they provide us with warmth, companionship and unconditional love every day of their lives. When they inevitably pass on to their final reward, the hurt can be inconsolable. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep your dearly departed dog or cat with you… close to your heart and not just IN it?”

“How many joules does it take to make these jewels? Well, that seems to be a trade secret but Lidy has refined the process to the point where they can offer gem-cut “doggy diamonds” for rings and pendants in sizes ranging from 1/10 carat to a full 1 carat. Plus, Lidy’s in-house creative team provides a stunning selection of attractive and appealing settings to showcase your petrified pal in all their glory.

The Many Facets of Spot… yours for between 298,000 yen and 1,994,000 yen, or around $2,850 to $19,000 in US greenbacks. That’s a lotta Fi-dough! “

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human body parts made out of bread

in this case u can eat brain for real!

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