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human skin book

well is kinda old (beginning of 2006), i even had a film talks about that (5 years+ ago), recently the novel i read reminded me back on these human skin books… and maybe will be a fun excuse to go libraries? lol

books bounded in human skin

national geographic

” Human-skin books are rare. But they appear to have been not quite as rare during the French Revolution, which is why it’s not surprising that the Leeds book is in French, says Anthony Bliss, curator of rare books at the University of California, Berkeley’s Bancroft Library.

The Bancroft Library, Bliss added, has a book that was bound in skin during the French Revolution of the 1790s.

“[The cover] was put on a book that was over a hundred years old at the time,” he said. “Ironically enough, it’s a prayer book.”


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‘kung pao chicken’ becomes ‘Government abuse chicken’!

mistakes are funny! i love it!

today’s news

BBC chinese news

At Beijing, China. today’s news talked about the government tried to change all these funny bad translations into something both chinese and foreigner can read. So when the but they gave me a big laugh!

at the airport:
「平時禁止入內」=「No entry on peace time」(supposed to be No entry on peak time?)

at tourist sites:
「中華民族園」=「Racist Park」(supposed to be Park of Ethnic Minorities)

at farmers market:
「乾果區」=「Fuck the fruit area」(supposed to be Dry fruit area? shit like nuts and dates)

at main street in beijing:
「行人注意路滑」 = 「To Take Notice of Safe;The Slippery are Very Crafty」 (supposed to be watch out the step, it’s slippery)

and this one is the best!

「宮保雞」= 「Government abuse chicken」-政府虐待雞 ,(supposed to be kung pao chicken!)

more funny chinese dishes!
「鐵板牛肉」= 「Corrugated iron beef」-有皺紋的鐵牛肉,(supposed to be chinese steak on iron plate)
「生魚塊(台灣叫生魚片)」= 「Chop the strange fish」-砍那陌生的魚, (supposed to be raw fish slices)

more funny wrong translation signs!

and of couse, cross culture and language is difficult to translate, and here is another funny site that dedicated to misused chinese characters!

Hanz is matter!

funny misused english translation from japanese:

and at last:

開陽白菜 = 蝦干炒白菜 = The shrimp fucks the cabbage

Shanghai Metro:「First off under on, do riding with civility」

Shenzhen Airport: 「Please produce your passport at the counter」

chinglish photos on flickr

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HAHAHAHHA! bake call-phone!

烘手機 竟成烤「手機」? hahahahaha i cant stop laughing about this! i love to be a chinese one more time! funny!

this is at taiwan’s train station, a last year’s news.

網路追追追/orz…台南火車站烘手機 竟成烤「手機」?

so the government changed the sign 3 days afterward. but seems like bake call-phone (even spell wrong cellphone…) is better than a pasty hand dryer to me!

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would synesthesia be cute under my style?

synesthesia would be my new research topic…

‘Grapheme → color synesthesia examples: ‘S’ is red, ‘H’ is orange, ‘C’ is yellow, ‘J’ is yellow-green, ‘G’ is green, ‘E’ is blue, ‘X’ is purple, ‘I’ is pale yellow, ‘2’ is tan, ‘1’ is white. If I write SHCJGEX it registers as a rainbow when I read over it, as does ABCPDEF.”‘

HAHAHAHAHA! i used to literally write love letters in rainbow color- a word a color! that was my funny early teenager times…amazed there is people out there can see color letters from black letters in their brains! respect.

there are so many books on hand i love to start and finish…but lately is ‘time traveler’s wife’, interesting novel…and no explainations, i think the title speaks it all oops. lol

but after this one, i would jump back into reading psyco stuff again, prehaps that would inspired me to paint again…my brain need some more rest still. 100% of me is not even exist yet in this moment.

i never really into photography because i always love the psychotic imaginery stuff, and photography is a representation of reality in frozen time, which means they did existed in our 3d world…(besides set stage photography or photoshop collage)

and of couse later on i realized i got diagnosised on that shit- which is totally make sense, is my brain make its choice to be imbalance or is a personal choice to be like this? whatever that is, that is my creative brain. many others need extra outsources and i have too many inside me. GOOD!

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hmmm which pillow i should get?

there are more weird sushi and japanese food home decor!

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thesis conclusion research

Paraphilic infantilism



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choked chicken toy

choked chicken (i suggest singing along with chicken songs)

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