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cute but insane!

cute appearance but insane inside! (in a good way)


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poopy is a ‘CUTE’ word.

Any kind of word that ended with -py, -ie, -ty are cute because of the sounds refer back to infant talking. for example the cute word of comfortable is comforty ; and the cute word for cute is cutie.

Main Entry: poopy
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: depressed; ineffectual; also spelled poopie
Example: I’m feeling poopy and just want to watch TV.
Etymology: 1957; perhaps shortening of nincompoop or euphemism for shitty, from poop ‘excrement’
Usage: slang

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cute rule #3 – anything if soft will be cute!

made by Laura Splan ,via boing boing:

Sci-artist Laura Splan created these nifty pillowy pills.

“Prozac, Thorazine, Zoloft is a group of large pillows crafted out of hand latch-hooked rugs, which have been sewn together and stuffed. These soft, oversized anti-psychotics and anti-depressants provide a different kind of comfort than their prescription counterparts. The time consuming nature of the latch-hook process provides a sufficiently mind-numbing effect. Latch hooking is a simple but tedious craft that has traditionally been used to depict idealized and romanticized images from domesticity and nature.”

Go see the many other fantastic works displayed on her site, including neuroart. I also like Blood Scarf, a scarf knitted from vinyl tubing that fills with blood from an IV in the wearer, warming the body as it depletes it.

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horrible turkey dinner with a laugh!

Worth 1000 photoshopping contest: gross-out banquets for Thanksgiving via Boing Boing

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fly egg is another popular ‘cute’ theme for toys

Fly egg from Haba

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american poop vs japanese poop vs sweden poo

Mr. Hanky from Southpark

Mr. poop from Dr.Slump

Pee&Poo from Sweden

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mt thesis statement :D

glitter your way weird cute types!

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