sweet lolita accessories!

i have to blog about this! since i am a sweet decora lolita, and i am so excited about the jewelry kit i waiting from japan! it is called スイーツのキーホルダー・アクセサリーをつくろう デラックス , you can get it at toysRus japan.

about スイーツのキーホルダー・アクセサリーをつくろう デラックス

also Amazon has many kit like this so can make a cheaper verison of Ribbon Holic, here is the choco mint store where you can buy Ribbon Holic jewelry

here is a blog about a foreigner, and a Lolita who is living in Japan about Ribbon Holic and the jewelry kit: 夢見る

I also thinking buying this DECOTTI (デコッティ) マカロン for the cream-like accessories

and last here is the showcase of DECOTTI – sweet accessories making kit

Ashlee selling on livejournal using the kit seems like


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