Praying under the Moon

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 9.22.06 PM.pngThis is the Chinese version of Watashi-tachi Ni Naritakute (私たちになりたくて ; “Wanting to Be Together with You”) from Sailor Moon Super S.
Enjoy my translation to English!
singing: 許思行
Praying under the moon lyric: Chan Kai
月亮下禱告 作詞:陳啟泰 作曲:井上望 編曲:李啟昌
月亮下合上雙手去禱告 祈望愛終於可天荒地老
Close my hands praying under the moon
wishing love lasts till sky ends and land gets old
全銀河在聽 全銀河做證 但這夢想卻剩你總聽不到
Whole universe is listening
Whole universe is witnessing
But this dream only you won’t hear
大地上伴你高低都跨過 而你在倦了後
仍伴我坐 柔情待我 情深望我
We passed through up and downs on earth
And when you tired You still sit next to me
With mercy
Then you turn around and left me behind
*如你可聽到這禱告 願原諒孤單女子不敢去表露
If you ever listen to this prayer
I wish you forgive this lonely girl doesn’t want to reveal
每夜我只好對月盡訴 繁星裡獨舞
Every night I rather chat with the moon
Dancing in many stars
寧願永棲身黑暗 怕夜變早
I rather stay in darkness forever
Afraid the darkness turn into morning
如你可聽到這禱告 別留下孤單女子跟戀愛跑步
If you ever listen to this prayer
Don’t leave this lonely girl racing with love alone
我漸覺身心氣力盡耗 而偏你未到
My heart and body is getting tired
But you still not here
期待你終可趕到 會共我抱*
Wish you will finally arrive and give me a hug
靜靜望著你總不知所措 人像眼被蓋著一幅白布
Silently stare at you when you are confused
Eyes is like being cover from white canvas
靈魂如被擄 無援如被告 是你未知道或裝不知道
Soul is being kidnapped
Helpless as defendant
Are you don’t know or pretending doesn’t know
默默落淚只因見你不笑 隨你復現笑臉
人被照耀 誰完全重要 誰真重要
Silently weep because you aren’t smiling
When you are smiling back
The light is following you
Who is the most important
Who is the most important for real
其實我需不要答亦知了 Repeat*
Actually I don’t need to answer and know in my heart
何時才明白你心底真相 你似暗格總喜愛合上
When would finally understand your secret in your heart
You are concealed like a dark corner
像石頭倔強遍歷創傷 能撩動我幻想 Repeat*
Like a stubborn stone that being traumatized
and you reveal my fantasy
for Chinese version go here:
for Japanese version go here:

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