Chinese version of ‘let it go’ parody

《Let it go》胖子嘶吼版


The human aesthetic of beauty is getting worst
瘦子得意 胖子傷悲
skinny feels proud, being fat feels sad
Why should i feel ashamed
if you measure by pound I am also expensive
嘲諷的眼 虛偽的嘴 讓我好疲憊
hypocritical eyes, fake mouth and saying making me so tired
這麼冷的世界 怎麼能減肥
in this world so cold, how can i lost my weight?

the fate of being fat is very sad
工作太累 穿衣又太費
working too hard and tired, buying new dress also too expensive
most worry matter is nobody chase after you
哦 誰怕誰
Oh who scare who?
來點肉 來點酒 爆蝦球裡記得多放油
give me some meat, give me some alcohol, make sure to put more oil in pan fired shrimp balls
醬豬肘 桂花藕 大過節的我才不忌口
soy sauce pig elbow, lotus roots, during big holiday i won’t diet
我不瘦 但我不低頭
i m not skinny but i won’t bow or give up
i will make myself eat as much as i want
is not so big deal, give me some more beans

only illiteracy would say i m being fat
i have curve just not the place you want
compare to those depressed thin people
i am more positive
i can see the light in the dark night
my heart and body also being strong
every single piece of meat is releasing the positive energy
我不怕 我不怕 胖子也有精彩的活法
i am not afraid, i m not afraid, being fat i also have the colorful way to live
我不怕 我不怕 我要過的更加瀟灑
i am not afraid, i am not afraid, i will live more freely
我跺一下 這樓就得塌
i stamped once, this building would collapsed
let you skinny guys scared of me.

we are optimistic and have great laugh daily
we do not calculate the calorie when we eat our cake
we are only the flower that is blooming a bit bigger
面對這樣的我們啊 你們還有什麼話?
face to the fat us, what do you have to say more negatively?
偏瀏海,披肩髮 這樣可以顯得臉不大
partial bangs, hair to the shoulder, this can make the face looks smaller
更真誠 更優雅 就會遇到真正懂你的他
more sincere, more elegant, then you will meet the one who truly understand you
在陽光下 咱曬到的面積大
we covered a bigger area of sunshine under the sun
this is the fat world
and one day will be us, the fat people being dominant



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