The infamous Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park! The shameless of serious Copyright Infringement Controversy between Japan, U.S. and China

The infamous Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park is a theme park locaed in the Shinjungshan District of Beijing, China. Their promotional slogan was “去迪士尼太远,请来石景山游乐园!” “Go to Disney is too far, please come to Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park!”. Promoting it as the alternative theme park besides the Hong Kong Disneyland. Target group is for the local citizens who think Disney is too far, so just go for the alternative one. The problem is in May 2007; the park was exposed by international media for having made unauthorized use of Japanese and American cartoon characters.

Inside of Shijingshan Amusement Park, you would expect to see Mickey mouse, Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh dance around you, a similar Disney parade and excited rollercoaster that emphasis cartoon characters, it makes us have a false belief that Disneyland is grand opened in Beijing. Moreover, the truth is the theme park didn’t deal with Disney at all, and even the theme park manager said, “You believed we have a Mickey mouse, but we actually have a Big Ear cat, which is Mickey mouse’s friend Big Ear cat…. the Hello Kitty you believe we have, actually our Kitty’s whiskers are curved, not straight, so is Kitty, not Hello Kitty!”

According to a report originally on air on Fuji TV’s FNN News, the park’s landmark is a castle that so similar to Disney’s famous Sleeping Beauty Castle and a structure that looks like Epcot’s Spaceship Earth, Moreover, all the costumed characters are look amazing similar to Shrek, Doraemon, Bugs Bunny, Dragonballs, and other many trademarked characters.

Here is the video of the news:

Park official denied any wrongdoing, and theme park manager Liu Jing wang told the FNN News reporter that their character are based on Grimm’s Fairy Tales. The theme park’s lawyers are in negotiation with The Walt Disney Company, and Disney declined to comment after FNN’s news report.

From the Shijingshan Amusement Park’s summary on their website, it emphasis how many award the China government gave to them since 2000. Also quote “the world’s biggest Disney style crossover with European style and 4D cinema theme park”, but they said they have no connection to The Walt Disney.

“...自2000年以來,連續五年榮獲北京市精神文明標兵單位;被國家旅遊局評定為國家 “AAAA”級景區(點);被中國遊藝機和遊樂園協會評為 “全國先進遊樂園”;兩次被評為北京市“文明景區”和“文明公園”和北京市一級公園;被評為北京市“廠務公開”先進單位;被授予北京市“經濟建設創新先進 單位”、“北京市安康杯先進單位”等多項榮譽;2001年通過了ISO9002國際質量體系認證(1994版), 2002年又進行了ISO9001:2000版的升級認證工作,2005年完成了ISO14000的認證工作,促進了企業管理水平的整體提高。
...世界最大的具有迪士尼風格的大型主題專案鐘斯探險、具有歐洲樂園風格的室內主題專案幽靈公館以及代表了世界娛樂頂級科技的超級震撼“飛越極 限”4D影院等一批高科技含量的主題專案,使石景山遊樂園正朝著融知識性、趣味性、娛樂性、參與性為一體,具有歐美風格、國內一流的現代化大型主題樂園邁 進。」”

According to the theme park’s philosophy, the only proof is Chinese government even supporting the uniqueness of changing the trademark character and claim into their own, Is this means the government is supporting the pirate copying, counterfeit culture in China as well? Use your judgment.

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Totorogo: Chinese blogger’s comment


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