fimo fun~ how to make miniature fruit canes XD

GardenOfImagination offers great tutorial about miniature food making XD
i going to try them and hopefully add them to my store since i m already making whipped-cream jewelry…





places selling those if you tired of making fruit sticks:

more tutorial about canes

different beautiful canes tutorial



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3 responses to “fimo fun~ how to make miniature fruit canes XD

  1. chariz

    thanks for posting this including the links. I’ve bought 8 packages of fimo clay but haven’t started with it yet. This will do as for inspiration.

  2. Look at the cute kawaiiness!!Doesen’t it make ya wanna looke at me,Kailani’s collection?Or even join my kawai club!!Feel better!

    P.S.I’m starting to feel better too!if ur mom i reading this I didnt hav a FEVER.I hada cold.bye

  3. haha~ thanks for posting these~ XD
    i’ve seen these made to be cut and placed for fingernail art. I had been searching for tutorials to make them, i’ve seen a few for designs, but this is the first i found for fruit! However i am unsure: do you cook them? if so, when?

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