would synesthesia be cute under my style?

synesthesia would be my new research topic…

‘Grapheme → color synesthesia examples: ‘S’ is red, ‘H’ is orange, ‘C’ is yellow, ‘J’ is yellow-green, ‘G’ is green, ‘E’ is blue, ‘X’ is purple, ‘I’ is pale yellow, ‘2’ is tan, ‘1’ is white. If I write SHCJGEX it registers as a rainbow when I read over it, as does ABCPDEF.”‘

HAHAHAHAHA! i used to literally write love letters in rainbow color- a word a color! that was my funny early teenager times…amazed there is people out there can see color letters from black letters in their brains! respect.

there are so many books on hand i love to start and finish…but lately is ‘time traveler’s wife’, interesting novel…and no explainations, i think the title speaks it all oops. lol

but after this one, i would jump back into reading psyco stuff again, prehaps that would inspired me to paint again…my brain need some more rest still. 100% of me is not even exist yet in this moment.

i never really into photography because i always love the psychotic imaginery stuff, and photography is a representation of reality in frozen time, which means they did existed in our 3d world…(besides set stage photography or photoshop collage)

and of couse later on i realized i got diagnosised on that shit- which is totally make sense, is my brain make its choice to be imbalance or is a personal choice to be like this? whatever that is, that is my creative brain. many others need extra outsources and i have too many inside me. GOOD!


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