depression: sugar

in general sugar high supposed to make us feel better and have a sweet bit of sunshine feelings.

but this guy says that sugar actaully is major cause of depression:

(Raymond Francis is an M.I.T.-trained scientist, a registered nutrition consultant, author of Never Be Sick Again, host of the Beyond Health Show and an internationally recognized leader in the emerging field of optimal health maintenance.)

Sugar is also a major cause of depression—it contributes significantly to nutritional deficiency. All carbohydrates require specific nutrients (including vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and magnesium) to properly metabolize in the body. Since refined sugars are devoid of such nutrients, these must be obtained from bodily reserves, thus depleting our reserves and causing nutritional deficiency. Alarmingly, the average American consumes more than 160 pounds of this dangerous metabolic poison per year.

depression epidemic


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