lolita clothing is a form of feminism

‘穿lolita真係想做幻想中的自己’ -月牙

‘一種被視為”奇裝異服”既產品已經成功推出市場, 係經濟角度下引入Lolita既人已經算係老闆, 我唔敢講Lolita好成功, 不過既然連電視台都訪問得, 即係話呢種文化係有市場, 而且Punk look, Lolita look既專賣店相繼出現冇市場, 又點會越開越多!? 冇錢賺, 一早摺左啦~’

-when something has market value, it will stay and become a subculute…

‘美國既迪士尼文化, 日本既Hello Kitty都係著名既創意工業成功例子’

– Hello Kitty was 30 years old at 2004, Sanrio is a globalized business. people love cute things, and toward the end is about economic vaule,

I was researching about Japanese cuteness and try to see if any chinese researcher write about cute, and randomly i found an argument about lolita clothing in Hong Kong.

I think the lolita trend was started from the Japanese film ‘下妻物語’ last year- 2005, along with the comic book NANA has charcter whom dress in lolita dress, not long afterward there was a HK TV documentary about the lolita clothing afterward, interviewed couple girls and a lolita clothing store owner.

Lolita is clothing style that dress up like a doll, which is a clothing style defers back to 17 european rococo style. And lolita is a state of being, the lolita girl inside the documentary said, I found back my confident when I become a lolita girl. Of couse as inside the argument said, the public thinks lolita is a group of weird people whom dress inapporiated, and try to understand or figure out why they dress like that. And specially in Hong Kong, a rootless mixcluture city with little bit of England, Japan, Ameican fast food, the newest trend is Korean, what actually is HK’s local culture? I would say is a mixed form of other popular culture, we know what happened about Paris Hilton or Keith Haring or Japanese Lolita culture but without knowing why Keith Haring’s political statment about AIDS or Lolita culture started almost 7 years ago in Tokyo.

Well I guess maybe my point of view might be a bit naive, but seems like the people whom argue inside the lolita blog can not accept a lolita girl hangs out in public and eat Mcdonald fires in Central.

Is been weird too I thought I might see lolita girl in NYC, but I didn’t.

research from : 對Lolita服裝的疑惑


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