links of acadamic cute researches / Bibliography

the cult of cuteness

Wearing Ideology, Brian J. McVeigh

CUTIES IN JAPAN, Sharon Kinsella

Cuteness as a Survival Adaptation – NY Times , Natalie Angier, Jan. 3, 2006

there is a class about cute!!!! “The Element of Cute in International Children’s Culture 1890-2006.” Fall, 2006 in University of Florida- maybe i should email jaimy michelle mann…

jaimy michelle mann’s position on cute is to argue the politic of cute in between american and japanese culture. ‘kawaii in Japan consists predominantly of narrativeless characters/symbols consumed by males and females of all ages — e.g. bank, pharmaceutical, and city “mascots” are depicted by a kawaii character and “bad” boys hang Hello Kitty from their rearview mirrors — in the United States kawaii is specifically associated with Asian girls and women…’ and it goes on to feminism, sexual – ‘Cute connotes vulnerability and violence in the sense that, according to Sianne Ngai, what we see as cute we want to squeeze and destroy and/or protect from destruction.’

what a great link of research!

-Kochalka, James. The Cute Manifesto. Gainesville: Alternative Comics, 2005.

-Matsui, Midori. “Beyond the Pleasure Room to a Chaotic Street: Transformations of Cute
Subculture in the Art of the Japanese Nineties.” Little Boy: The Arts of Japan’s Exploding Subculture. Edited by Takashi Murakami. New York: Japan Society; New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2005.

– Harris, Daniel. “Cute, Quaint, Hungry and Romantic: The Aesthetics of Consumerism”

– Roach, Mary. wired issue 7.12 Cute Inc. Dec 1999

可愛 – 新的research topic


facts of objects for transform:


human organs


M9 9mm pistol

Mk II grenade

more on Mk II grenade

regular maps of Mk II grenade

facts on real weapon

facts on real weapon

how to make a noose

facts of noose and other suicide methods


the process of judicial hanging

7.62mm (7.62 x 51 mm) Ammunition bullet facts

0.3 – 0.6 springfield bullet facts

price of bullets

bullet scale 1:1 pictures

facts of NATO Ammunition bullets

facts on M60 machine gun


image resources:

kozue suzuki, vanilla biscult, website, 2006
hello kitty ferrari

cute japanese condom from

boing boing

you can buy these condoms here

gummy is soft and cute

hello kitty room

cute baby animal pictures


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