caliber is anything but cute -but is still CUTE!

Caliber is anything but cute

is so confused Dodge using cute to sell out Caliber, bear and pig are so cute, but the car is not cute, at the same time isn’t Caliber is a family car though? The target group suppose to be family right?

after a while research…here is what they said:

then why is anything but cute?

from adland, “The ads were created to target 25-35-year olds with “edgy”, “off-color humor”. Chrysler has received a number of complaints calling the spot stereotypical and “a cheap shot”, although they have no plans to pull the ad.”

from the ad-titude, ad commerical citic said, “The campaign slogan “Anything But Cute” is meant to strategically seperate the Calibre from the usual perception that small cars are cute.

In this advertisement, a bunch of cute fairtale like critters are in a focus group, all sitting facing the vehicle. All of the critters agree on their dislike for the car, saying things like “I find it dark and disturbing” or “it is neither fuzzy nor wuddly.” At the end, one of the marketers sitting behind the one-way glass says “Perfect, that is just the reaction we were looking for.””

the real tv spot by BBDO

from commerical closet:Garfield continues, “But, of course, the corporate line is preposterous. Much more likely is that someone at BBDO realized they could call people fairies if their commercial depicted an actual fairy. Get it! How subversive! A flitty little fairy! We can imagine the hilarity in the cubicle as they contrived a way to set up the “Not for sissies” selling proposition based on an innocent magical fantasy.

from editor’s notes on fairy:“Fairy” was a term of derision turned positive in the style of “Jew” for Hebrews and of “faggot” for homosexuals. Though, in fact, “”fairy” was never, like faggot, an angry term of derision with overtones of violence and hate; rather it conveyed — and conveys — a delightful suggestion that, just as we are, gay men are light-hearted, whimsical and non-serious, i.e. “flighty.” In the hard, deadly serious, macho competitive dog-eat-dog world of modern, urban heterosexual males, the news that it’s okay to be non-serious is the proverbial breath of fresh air. It’s why everybody loves an effeminate homosexual as comedian (Are You Being Served’s Mr. Humphries, for example). It is interesting to observe that the effeminate comedy figure is often the truth-teller, the jester who can say anything to the King, the one who can “tell it like it is.”


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